Computer Sciences and Information Systems Essay Example

Computer Sciences and Information Systems Essay Example COMPUTER SAVOIR AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS Exercise The From the above, picture is first image, 2 is Fourier transform associated with image even though 3 is usually a centered Fourier transmute of image. Obviously, the original look has a cheap frequency on the corners although the frequency in the center is amazingly high. Additionally , it has a sharpened edge in the centre indicating the way sharp upright lines can be utilized in development of amazing images. Useful, the fourier transform connected with image couple of has a high frequency at the is bordered by and brighter angles connoting low consistency. Furthermore, picture 1 and 3 will be opposite regarding other. The centred fourier image three is an inversion of photograph; has high frequency in the factors and light gentle edges within the central range.
After removing the logarithmic conversion, it really is noted the fact that images 1a and 3a are quite just like images one and 4. (mais…)